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Apr 16, 2017  

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A screening performed at the Nassau County jail showed the Iraq War veteran, who had struggled with drug addiction, bipolar disorder, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, was suicidal. Then, hours later, Ryan hanged himself in his cell. advertisement | advertise on newsday Wednesday a federal jury found that Nassau and the health care provider at its jail were liable for the death, awarding Ryans estate nearly $8 million, with the county owing $370,000 and Armor Correctional Health Services responsible for the balance. But many questions remain. Don't miss outSign up for The Point CartoonDavies' latest cartoon: *New* Coliseum CommentSubmit your letter Ryans was just one of at least four inmate deaths since Armor took over care at the jail in 2011 in which treatment was inadequate, according to the state Commission of Correction. And even before 2011, when the Nassau University Medical Center cared for inmates, there were also many deaths, prompting federal oversight of both the jail and inmate medical care for years. In a 12-month period in 2010 and 2011, four inmates committed suicide. Why was Ryan, with no history of violent crime, in jail on $5,000 bond, instead of a hospital or a treatment facility? Having failed a suicide screening, why did he have a bedsheet he could use to hang himself? What oversight is provided to inmates who are suicide risks? These questions persist and raise issues about our criminal justice process as well as the medical care at the jail.

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Michele Deitch, a criminal-justice expert and senior lecturer at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, called the incident an "extraordinarily unusual set of circumstances," but said that prisoner transport has long been problematic. "It gets very limited attention and oversight, which is a real concern," she said. "I think it just goes to show that Harris County jail is a dangerous place," said local activist and defense attorney Brian Harrison. Previously, the jail was cited for failing to check on Vincent Dwayne Young, 32, before he was found dead in his cell on Feb. 13 after hanging himself with a bedsheet. The state declared the jail out of compliance with minimum standards and the sheriff's office later fired the deputy responsible for checks that night. A Chronicle investigation into the jail in 2015 found dozens of instances in which jailers skipped cell checks or faked records, a pattern that ผ้าปูที่นอน experts found problematic at county jails across the state. But after February's in-custody death, the sheriff's office put forth plans to improve oversight. Currently, Harris County is the only one of 18 jails in the state currently listed as out of compliance that has two separate unresolved citations.

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