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Feb 13, 2017  

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I love that Jack and Alex are introducing this issue to an entirely new audience."

When Alex first came upon the balls during a recreational dive with her father in September 2015, she had no idea these man-made pearls would consume her life. "There wasn't this big master plan," she says. "I just knew they didn't belong in the ocean, and I wanted to get them out." In the ensuing dives her father was a constantMike owns a chicken ranch that produces 150 million cage-free, organic and kosher eggs a yearbut while various friends of Alex's tagged along once or twice, only Jack kept coming back. It is grueling work that begins with hauling the kayaks down the steep sand hill at Carmel Beach, followed by the long paddle across the bay through strong winds and tides, and then hours of diving in frigid water that always leaves their lips blue, despite thick wet suits, hoods, gloves and booties. After all that, they have to schlep hundreds of balls and their gear back up the hill to their cars. The balls are stored in the Webers' garage, and some stinka sulfuric, chemical smell that is a hint of the toxins they may be releasing into the sea. As the collection became more numerous (and malodorous), Alex and Jack were galvanized to take the fight public. "It became pretty obvious this issue was bigger than us, and we had ขาย กระเป๋าเป้ 2016 to go to people who could help us change things," Jack says.

So on YouTube they uploaded affecting underwater footage that showed mass quantities of balls moving with the currents. Then they made a spiffy Power Point presentation to officials at the Pebble Beach Co.

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