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Feb 18, 2017  

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That's what I thought was important. An even longer list of designers said the current political climate was part of the inspiration for their collections. Nicholas K played with 90s glam to celebrate the golden age of hip-hop and digital globalization. Michelle Smith of Milly said her emotions after the presidential election were channeled into her latest collection, Fractured. White bandanas and pink pins also have been trending this week. Spearheaded by the website The Business of Fashion ( the #TiedTogether movement encourages people to embrace everyone regardless of gender, sex, race or religion by wearing a white bandana. The Council of Fashion Designers of America distributed pink pins that read Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood and encouraged fashion week participants to wear them or share photos of them on Instagram. "We know that so many people stand with Planned Parenthood -- including designers and entertainers -- because they and their loved ones have relied on Planned Parenthood for health care, including life-saving care like cancer screenings, birth control, STI testing and treatment and sex education, designer and council board member Tracy Reese said in a statement. Planned Parenthood is often the only option for this type of care in underserved communities. By creating a visually engaging and fashionable pin, we hope to create an organic social media movement promoting awareness and education. New York Fashion Week continues through Thursday.

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